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Canvas Print 20cm x 25cm - Pack of4

Canvas Print 20cm x 25cm - Pack of4


Bespoke stretched Canvas Print, with your image printed in full colour.
If you don't have an image then contact us directly for our bespoke design service.


Prices are per pack and exclude VAT.

Only £4.38 per unit

20cm x 25cm, 4 in a Pack.

  • Image requirements

    All bespoke artwork images to be sent to clearly stating your order number.

    Please ensure you email us any images separately with clear instructions on what you would like and on which products. Please be advised, not all images will work on all products due to the method of manufacture or process involved, however we can usually accommodate the same theme on the whole range.

    Images should be at least 200dpi and 10x10cm and in either  jpeg  or pdf format.
    The image must be centred  as some of the edges of the image may be lost in the margins and on different shaped products.
    Unless you are able to send us original artwork in a file format that retains the colour coding information, there may be some variation of colours in the final product.
    As each product uses a different process we also do not accept responsbility for any variation in colour across our product range, although every effort is made to ensure that this is mitigated.