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Portestant- Donald McGill - Postcards Pack of 48

Portestant- Donald McGill - Postcards Pack of 48

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Portestant by Donald McGill Postcards Pack of 48


Pack of 48 postcard £7.20 plus vat per pack. Unit price 15p plus vat


Donald McGill, ‘the king of the saucy postcard’, wasa very straight-laced andhighly respectable artistborn in London in 1875. He became famed for his saucy seaside postcards that were sold mostly in seaside shops.

In 1941, George Orwell, the author wrote anarticle on McGill’s work called “The Art of Donald McGill”, discussing the genre of English saucy seasidepostcards. Orwell concluded that even with the vulgarityand the low artistic quality of the cards, he would be sad to see them go.

In later years, McGill was in trouble with several local censorship committees, which ended in a show trial in Lincoln on 15 July 1954 for breaking the Obscene Publications Act 1857. He was found guilty which cost him £75 and the disapproval of his own family.

He died in 1962 with all his designs for the 1963 season already prepared and although his cards were hugely popular at the time he was only paid three guineas for each design. Today his original artwork can fetch thousands of pounds. Today many of these imagesare available throughMoocow Studios for a new audience to enjoy...


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